Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2012

... the documentation artistamp sheet ...

available now, both side printed and perforated,
participants will get a free one
if you want to order use my email address:
see you on the 12th of May in Schweinfurt, there you will get also some of these sheets,
but only few are prepared like this

Freitag, 27. April 2012

... some of the new artcards with the Venus from Arheilgen ...



... KUNST KARRÉE 2012 ...

The next art carrée will take place on 12th of May 2012, here you can see the location, inside an old tower in the lower room. I will install the "Venus from Arheilgen" some of the incoming mail art you can see here:
at the moment I will prepare more collaged and modified Venus artcards which will be for sale there at low price.

Montag, 17. Mai 2010

... the whole artistbooklet ...

... free copies will be sent out to the participants next days ...
... the booklet can be ordered too, just send me an email ...

Mittwoch, 5. Mai 2010

... some impressions of the todays hanging of the mail art exhibition ...

paper sculptures in the background by Elke Ungerbühler-Havelka
the chaos - not finished yet

Samstag, 1. Mai 2010

... the art carrées - how they will be exhibited ...

together with Angela Behrendt (Germany)
together with John M. Bennett (USA)
together with Fraenz Frisch (Luxembourg) together with Reiner Langer (Germany) together with Lubomyr Tymkiv (Ukraine) together with Peter Dowker (Canada) together with Servane Morel (Belgium) together with Don E. Boyd (USA)
together with Litsa Spathi (Netherlands)
together with Hong In Young (South Korea)
together with Keith A. Buchholz (USA)
together with Wolfgang Skodd (Germany)
together with Dmitry Babenko (Russia)
together with Ahlrich van Ohlen (Germany)
each of the works were framed inside an acrylic square, fixed with screws
all of these images (except the one from Babenko - it came to late for the printing order) will be inside the bocklet and more